4 Yacon Syrup Health Benefits

Yacon Syrup is loaded with benefits. As promoted in the Dr. Oz show, it is one of the best products that can help you stay as fit as desired. For you to eliminate unwanted body fat and lose weight naturally, it works by increasing your metabolic rate, reconditioning your physical and mental states, and suppressing your appetite. There are numerous yacon syrup reviews that point out its effectiveness.

But apart from privileging you with a roster of benefits for weight loss enthusiasts, it aims toward improving your health.

Here are four Yacon Syrup health benefits:

1. It boosts the immune system.

Among Yacon Syrup benefits is a boosted immune system. Upon having a dose of the supplement regularly, it causes your internal organs to start functioning correctly and for the damaged cells within to repair themselves. More importantly, your risk of catching viruses and infection reduces. With the product being rich in fiber content, it strengthens the body and builds defenses to guard itself from all sorts of diseases – particularly, degenerative diseases.

health benefits of yacon syrup

2. It increases bone mass.

As unfortunate as it is, a decrease in bone mass is inevitable as you age. Of many health benefits that you may appreciate, an offer to help increase the density in your bones may top the list. Besides turning to medications enriched with calcium and specially formulated milk, turning to the Syrup is an option, too. With regular amounts of Yacon, the onset of related conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and scoliosis may not happen too soon.

3. It keeps you energized.

Since the list of Yacon Syrup benefits includes heightened energy levels, expect to feel active all throughout the day granted you take the product regularly. As implied, it does a good deed to people suffering from premature exhaustion and lethargy. The spike it provides can motivate you to push through the most tiresome exercise sessions. Especially if you are the type of person who usually feels tired after engaging in a series of physical activities, you will notice the rise in your enthusiasm.

4. It lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Yacon is ideal for diabetics since it can serve as an alternative sweetener, which promises to taste just as good. Since it substitutes sugar, those willing to prevent their blood sugar levels from reaching an alarming point may want to consider trying.

Yacon Syrup Reviews: Is it Really a Magic Weight Loss Solution?

Many Yacon Syrup reviews reveal that Yacon Syrup works like magic for almost everybody willing to lose weight. With The Dr. Oz show featuring it during the first half of 2014, the product has earned increasing popularity worldwide.

According to different weight loss experts, it has redefined the power of weight loss supplements. However, before you start getting your hopes up and relying on the claims from a TV program, finding out more info about it is best.

What Is Yacon Syrup?

Yacon Syrup is a sweet syrup from the root of yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) of South America. It is high in fiber and contains as much as 50% FOS or fructooligosaccharides – a prebiotic that supports digestion.

yacon roots

While it may be unheard of in a few regions around the world, it is a favorite dietary supplement by Bolivians, Incans, Peruvians, and other South Americans.

The Wonders of Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup works as a weight loss solution by suppressing the appetite – particularly, by being in charge of feeding gut bacteria, which helps to make you feel full.

Granted you take it in moderation, there are no hints of side effects such as bloating and flatulence. Since it decreases hunger hormones in the system, it is famous as a metabolism game-changer. If you want to restore your faith in weight loss supplements, try the product.

Pros of Yacon Syrup

  • Can be used as a substitute for unhealthy sweeteners
  • Can serve as a powerful antioxidant
  • Comes with a delicious fruity taste
  • Does not counteract with any medication

Yacon Syrup vs. Other Weight Loss Supplements

Compared to other weight loss supplements, some weight loss enthusiasts prefer Yacon Syrup since it holds scientific evidence.

Its promises of a reduction in weight are not mere claims, which a study published in 2009 by Clinical Nutrition can prove. Other than that, tied to it is a line-up of health benefits.

Is a Spoonful of Yacon Syrup for You?

Yacon Syrup reviews say that the supplement, with a recommended daily dose of 3 teaspoons, is ideal for anybody. Since it is primarily a weight loss supplement, it reaches out to obese individuals and those interested in slimming down.

However, with its association to improved health, it includes those in need of a boosted immune system, lowered risks of developing diabetes and diseases related to bone mass, and managed glucose levels in its target audience.

Getting to Know Yacon Syrup and Its Many Benefits

The Yacon syrup weight loss supplement is making its way in the consciousness of the health and wellness community nowadays. It is an extract from the root crop Yacon that is native to South America.

A well-known doctor endorsed it on TV and paved the way for its popularity. We’re talking about Dr. Oz… But when a new supplement is introduced, users would usually doubt its efficacy. Does yacon syrup really work?

What is yacon syrup?

yacon syrup supplement for weight lossIt is a sugar substitute or natural sweetener that is known to curb appetite and has helped thousands of people lose weight.

It is made from a plant that is grown in the Andes region of South America and its tubers, which is the edible part, and looks very much like a sweet potato.

But instead of the starchy flesh common to most tubers, yacon has a sweet, tasty and juicy meat that is great for sugar extraction. These tubers are processed so that yacon syrup can be extracted.

Worldwide, this plant has been hailed as a “game changer” because of its high concentration of healthy sugars that is not often found in plants. Native Americans consume the fruit as part of their regular diet.

In our modern society, Yacon comes in bottles of extracted syrup that can be used as a natural sweetener for our drinks and as ingredients to various sweet pastries and deserts, substituting the common sugar.

For those who are strictly observing an organic diet, organic yacon syrup is also a popular sweetener choice, since yacon plants are grown naturally under the canopy of South American forests.

Aside from yacon syrup being used as a natural sweetener, the use of yacon syrup for weight loss is also very popular. Most people who are into a weight loss diet are often told to stay away from sweet food and drinks that are laden with sugar.

Ironically, most foods that we consider delicious are those that are sweet. Most of our drinks also require sugar to make them tasty.

This makes dieting for weight loss unpopular for many, or too burdensome for some. This is one main factor why a lot of attempts to lose weight fail.

But with yacon syrup, people can now satisfy their sweet cravings while staying on their diets for weight loss.

How can yacon syrup help you?

  1. Appetite Control

Yacon has been used for medicinal purposes for many years in South America. But what makes it very popular outside of the continent is its ability to reduce a person’s craving for more sugar.

This is very helpful for those who want to eat less and slim down since it suppresses the appetite. Because it is derived from natural sources, yacon syrup whole foods are effective even without fortification or additives.

  1. Control of Glucose Levels

For diabetics, it is an ideal sugar substitute as it does not raise the body’s glucose level. Thus, it is safe to be used as sweetener for drinks and pastries without the fear of resulting to high blood sugar levels.

Diabetic diets now even feature yacon syrup recipes included in their meal plans. This allows people with diabetes and similar problems to still eat their favorite food using yacon syrup as a substitute sweetener.

  1. Over-all health benefits

The yacon syrup benefits do not only include restriction of sugar consumption, it also has real benefits that help us maintain a healthy body and lead a healthy lifestyle. Pure yacon syrup contains about 50% FOS or fructooligosaccharides. It is a form of sugar that is often found in fruits.

However, most fruits do not have the same high level of FOS concentration as yacon does. To get the same level of FOS you get from a teaspoon of yacon syrup for example, would require an individual to consume a half kilogram of pineapple meat, or equivalent to about a half liter of pineapple juice.

FOS does not break down easily in the human digestive system and reaches the colon in its pristine state. This is very beneficial because this can be food to helpful bacteria such as Bifidus and Lactobacillus.

This family of bacteria plays a big part in the body’s digestive system, in easing bowel movement and helping flush out toxins and other unwanted by-products of our body.

Bifidus and Lactobacillus bacteria have also been known to possess anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties. Thus, maintaining a healthy colony of these bacteria in our digestive system is beneficial to the over-all health of the human body.

Among the most common sources of food for these bacteria to thrive include dairy products and some vegetables. However, there are people who are lactose intolerant and suffer discomfort when ingesting dairy products while vegetable consumption also does not fit in the diet profile of many people. Yacon syrup consumption can be a very good substitute in these cases.

Another benefit of the raw yacon syrup is that its FOS also acts as a soluble fiber. Soluble fibers help increase stool bulk. This induces the body to remove bowels more frequently, thus reducing episodes of constipation and the risks associated with it. This speeds up the body’s cleansing mechanism and helps in the improvement of metabolism.

More importantly, the FOS modulates the production of gastrointestinal peptides and enzymes that are necessary in regulating insulin levels, hunger and food intake.

This ability of the FOS together with yacon’s high FOS content makes yacon syrup a very effective supplement that helps control appetite and sweet cravings. A regular yacon syrup intake will help people who want to lose weight control their food consumption to the levels necessary.

Studies and Research

A Chinese scientific study on the component and functionality of the Yacon plant was conduct in Henan University of Technology by three medical researchers.

It was established that yacon tubers, where yacon syrup is extracted, contains approximately 45 – 65% FOS, and that these have very low caloric value. The findings were consistent across various yacon fruits sourced from different farms, areas and terrains.

More so, extracts from yacon leaves showed high concentrations of phenolic compounds that are known to have antioxidant properties.

A 2009 study in the USA also reported that yacon syrup use resulted to an average weight loss of 15 kilograms in 60 days among 40 overweight pre-menopausal and insulin-resistant subjects.

In a similar study among healthy young women, yacon users were found to exhibit lesser weight gains, as compared to those who were given placebo.

Online, you can read about thousands of positive yacon syrup reviews by satisfied users citing rapid weight loss, and blood sugar control as the most popular effects.

Where to buy yacon syrup?

There are a number of yacon suppliers anywhere in the world today.

However, in many cases with food supplements, buyers need to be wary of food products and supplements that will not give any results at all.

Buying online might be the option since there are a number of legitimate and tested online suppliers that have been in the food supplement business for years already.

Plus, you get to compare and choose prices from among them even without having to take a step out of your doorstep.

Buying online surely gives you better value for your time and money.

It is also easy, secure and fast.